6 Pointed Star Lace Stitch Border

After making the star lace stitch, add the border, following written instructions below and or watching the video tutorial. Non Standard Crochet Terms And Definitions: [ ] Repeat or follow instructions inside the bracket M-> Mark the stitch that follows this symbol ( It is usually used to mark the beginning stitch of the round).Continue reading “6 Pointed Star Lace Stitch Border”

6-Pointed Star Crochet Pattern

Related Youtube videos: https://youtu.be/UJbeGsmzLUw Suggested Project: Scarf, Curtain, Table Cloth, Pillow Cover, Decorative Lace afghan, etc. Tools And Materials: Yarn: weight category 3, “Sugarwheel Cotton Solids” by Yarn Bee. Crochet Hook (I used): 3.25 mm, steel by Boye Crochet Terms And Explanations: V Stitch = How to do for this pattern: Dc-ch5-dc on same stitch.Continue reading “6-Pointed Star Crochet Pattern”