6 Pointed Star Lace Stitch Border

After making the star lace stitch, add the border, following written instructions below and or watching the video tutorial. Non Standard Crochet Terms And Definitions: [ ] Repeat or follow instructions inside the bracket M-> Mark the stitch that follows this symbol ( It is usually used to mark the beginning stitch of the round).Continue reading “6 Pointed Star Lace Stitch Border”

Crochet UFO Invaders!

In Knitting or Crochet linggo, UFO refers to unfinished object.  Most corners of my room hide a UFO or group of them.  Hiding in traveling cases, shopping bags, plastic boxes etcetera.  They come in different shape: rectangle, circle, hexagon and also in different colors.   It’s time to get rid of them one by oneContinue reading “Crochet UFO Invaders!”