Wake Up!!!

I am retired so most of the times there is no strong motivation to wake up early and prepare for the day but one reason that encourages me to get up early is gardening, specially these days when it gets so hot by 10 am. Thanks for the rain last night, it’s a bit cooler this morning but I can already feel the humidity.

My small garden is thriving well! The birds are singing, serenading me while I sit on our back porch drinking coffee. They sing louder when I put their morning seeds in their feeder, so it seems. I noticed that there are actually Chipmonks that share with the birds. I saw the other one coming from our neighbor’s yard run toward the feeder while the other one that lives in our backyard was already feeding.

One of these days I will buy a bird Cam so that I can get a good photograph of birds/Chipmonks that come to our yard. I can’t take good photos of them up close because they are wild and skittish. As long as I sit still they continue to feed but any slight movement will cause them to go away.

I have harvested fruits twice already from my Roma and Red Beefsteak tomatoes. The Roma tomatoes are doing excellent despite the fact that they are planted in a flower pot and only getting 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

Roma Tomato
Two Roma tomatoes planted next to the wall.

Where Not To Plant Snowball Bush

I knew a lady who had a beautiful Snowball plant, I did not understand why she kept cutting the plant down to about 24 inches from the ground in Spring before the plant begins to bloom.  I kept telling her to wait at least until after it blooms out before cutting it down but she would not listen.  I finally figured out (or at least I think so), that the reason she does this, is that she is tired of sweeping the fallen petals off her back porch.  The Snowball is planted close to her porch which is almost ground level, so the wind carries most of the fallen petals inside her porch.

Lesson:  Do not plant a Snowball  in areas where the fallen flowers will be unsightly such as close to door ways, porches, patios or driveways, unless you don’t mind sweeping everyday while the plant is blooming.

I have mine planted next to our driveway but I don’t mind the fallen petals scattered over my driveway and most of the petals fall in the grassy area below the drive way.  I planted the Snowball there to prevent soil erosion from the driveway which is situated in a sloping area.  Snowball flowers are very attractive and fabulous in Spring Bouquets.

It is very easy to propagate Snowball bush.  All you have to do is to chose a drooping branch that is close to the ground.  Fill a medium size pot with potting soil and using a garden pin to fix the selected branch, (it should be flexible enough so that it does not break when bent), into the dirt inside the pot.  Use A stone or any heavy object to keep the branch pegged into the potting soil.   Keep the soil in the pot moist.  The pegged plant will develop roots and it should be ready to be cut from the mother plant and be transplanted by the following spring.


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Prompted By Humming Bird

I put out a humming bird feeder this past Spring but I think I have put it later than usual because I noticed that no humming bird ever used it. I felt sad and determined to hang the nectar early next year. I usually use the mix sold by Walmart and I never have problem of having no hummingbird using it. I finally gave up and took the feeder down this summer. But a few days ago while I was watching all the local wild birds flying back and fort to my feeders enjoying the seeds at the trays I set out for them, one tiny female humming bird came and hover around the red petunias in my hanging basket chirping then flew away. I thought that the sound of her chirping was pitiful and seems to be saying, “you are giving food to all the other birds, but none for me…”. Right then I decided to make my own mixture of humming bird nectar, 1 part white pure cane granulated sugar/4 part of bottled water.

I made sure that I cleaned the feeder using vinegar and water, letting it soak for several hours before scrubbing and rinsing it thoroughly before filling it with the homemade nectar.

I also moved the shepherd hook that holds the feeder further away from the house next to the wooded area. I can still see the feeder through a glass door from my living room and screened porch. I hung a red ribbon on the pole where the nectar hangs so the humming birds can see the nectar from a distance.

I did not wait very long before a humming bird came and drank from it. I don’t know if it’s the same one that prompted me to hang the nectar or it’s a different one. I hope it is anyway, because one of these birds are permanently guarding the feeder now and chases the other females away. There are 3-4 humming birds chasing each other now.

From now on I will always make my own homemade nectar to give them and always be prompt, timely and consistent in supplying them with nectar.

Hummingbird Feeder

How Time has Change

Actually, I am the one that has changed a lot this past few years. As an example, I used to garden all around our 2000 square ft + home. Now, I just have a few feet of gardening space and it’s just enough space for me to manage.

Although we live in the city, we are lucky enough to have wooded surroundings and with store bought seeds I’m able to attract wild birds to my yard and even Chipmonks, I never know if I have more than one of them coming to our bird feeder since I cannot tell one from another.

I enjoy watching the birds come and feed while sipping my morning coffee. Yes lots of things has changed for me but my love of nature, trees, birds and other creatures will never change.

From Doily To Table Cloth

I decided to keep on crocheting and turn this doily into a table cloth using a pineapple crochet design.

One completed pineapple motif completed and another is starting.

I continue to work on this pineapple table cloth. I’ll have to order another cone of this blue cotton crochet thread size 3. Can’t wait to get this done.

This is now 2021 and I don’t think I ever published this post at the time it was written. I got busy with other things, other projects and had stopped blogging for a while. But this Table cloth project was done and given as a wedding gift to my lovely niece. I’m currently doing a video tutorial on how to make this table cloth on youtube.