Ambidextrouse Crochet

What does Ambidextrouse crochet mean?  The technique of using both right hand and left hand in making crocheted work.  Right handed crocheters hold the hook on the right hand and make the crochet stitches from right to left; at the end of a row, the work is turned and the crocheter makes the next row from right to left again.  Crochet stitches have a right side and a wrong side.  The right side or visually smooth side of a crochet stitch is the one made facing the crocheter and the wrong side or bumpy side of crochet stitch is the one facing away from the crocheter.   By using right hand only to manage the crochet hook, the crochet rows are made up of alternating right side and wrong side of stitches.

The result of the crocheted work done by left handed crocheters is the same as that of the right handed crocheter.   Left handed crocheters hold the hook with the left hand and make crochet stitches from left to right.   But what if one desires crocheted work where the stitches are all facing in the same direction so that the work has a definite right side and wrong side?  This is where the advantage of being an ambidextrouse crocheter comes in.

To be an ambidextrouse crocheter is to be able to crochet using left hand and right hand technique.  This means that if one is a naturally right handed individual, he/she will have to learn to crochet left handed and vice versa for naturally left handed person.

I am in my 2nd month on teaching my left hand how to crochet.  My right hand is functioning at an expert level while my left hand is functioning on beginning level.  What motivated me to learn to crochet left-handed is the desire to teach my left-handed crochet students easily and more efficiently.  By becoming a beginner on left-handed crochet technique,  I can empathize more on their difficulty in learning a new craft.  It takes time and patience, to train the muscles of one’s hands and fingers to work together.  I am learning that my left hand cannot really duplicate or mirror everything that my right hand does, for example, my right hand holds the crochet hook “pencil grip” style while my left hand holds the crochet hook “claw”/”cup hold” style.  To try to teach my left hand to  hold the crochet hook like my right hand does is next to impossible.  To do so is very uncomfortable and creates muscle strain on my wrist.  So in Crochet there is no right way or wrong way to hold the crochet hook.  Hold it in a way that works for each individual crocheter without creating discomfort on fingers or wrists.


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