Prompted By Humming Bird

I put out a humming bird feeder this past Spring but I think I have put it later than usual because I noticed that no humming bird ever used it. I felt sad and determined to hang the nectar early next year. I usually use the mix sold by Walmart and I never have problem of having no hummingbird using it. I finally gave up and took the feeder down this summer. But a few days ago while I was watching all the local wild birds flying back and fort to my feeders enjoying the seeds at the trays I set out for them, one tiny female humming bird came and hover around the red petunias in my hanging basket chirping then flew away. I thought that the sound of her chirping was pitiful and seems to be saying, “you are giving food to all the other birds, but none for me…”. Right then I decided to make my own mixture of humming bird nectar, 1 part white pure cane granulated sugar/4 part of bottled water.

I made sure that I cleaned the feeder using vinegar and water, letting it soak for several hours before scrubbing and rinsing it thoroughly before filling it with the homemade nectar.

I also moved the shepherd hook that holds the feeder further away from the house next to the wooded area. I can still see the feeder through a glass door from my living room and screened porch. I hung a red ribbon on the pole where the nectar hangs so the humming birds can see the nectar from a distance.

I did not wait very long before a humming bird came and drank from it. I don’t know if it’s the same one that prompted me to hang the nectar or it’s a different one. I hope it is anyway, because one of these birds are permanently guarding the feeder now and chases the other females away. There are 3-4 humming birds chasing each other now.

From now on I will always make my own homemade nectar to give them and always be prompt, timely and consistent in supplying them with nectar.

Hummingbird Feeder

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