Where Not To Plant Snowball Bush

I knew a lady who had a beautiful Snowball plant, I did not understand why she kept cutting the plant down to about 24 inches from the ground in Spring before the plant begins to bloom.  I kept telling her to wait at least until after it blooms out before cutting it down but she would not listen.  I finally figured out (or at least I think so), that the reason she does this, is that she is tired of sweeping the fallen petals off her back porch.  The Snowball is planted close to her porch which is almost ground level, so the wind carries most of the fallen petals inside her porch.

Lesson:  Do not plant a Snowball  in areas where the fallen flowers will be unsightly such as close to door ways, porches, patios or driveways, unless you don’t mind sweeping everyday while the plant is blooming.

I have mine planted next to our driveway but I don’t mind the fallen petals scattered over my driveway and most of the petals fall in the grassy area below the drive way.  I planted the Snowball there to prevent soil erosion from the driveway which is situated in a sloping area.  Snowball flowers are very attractive and fabulous in Spring Bouquets.

It is very easy to propagate Snowball bush.  All you have to do is to chose a drooping branch that is close to the ground.  Fill a medium size pot with potting soil and using a garden pin to fix the selected branch, (it should be flexible enough so that it does not break when bent), into the dirt inside the pot.  Use A stone or any heavy object to keep the branch pegged into the potting soil.   Keep the soil in the pot moist.  The pegged plant will develop roots and it should be ready to be cut from the mother plant and be transplanted by the following spring.


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