My Garden 2021

I missed not having a garden last year so this year despite the delayed ideal planting condition, I managed to put a mixed Vegetable and flower garden in my tiny backyard. They are just growing fairly well since June. It had been very cold through late spring so most of the seedlings that I planted indoor did not survive. but I am happy with what plants I have now. I have some flowers and vegetables planted in flower pots as well as directly in the soil.

I harvested my first cucumber yesterday and ate it! It was so good. How much more I enjoyed eating it compared to the ones I bought from the store!

My cucumber plant!

this cucumber is planted in a 15 galon pot and it seems to be thriving.

I also planted some Moringa Oleifera plants, some in pots and some in soil. I’m testing to see where will they thrive best, in the ground or in the pot. I’m hoping that by the end of summer they are big enough so I can harvest their leaves and use them as vegetables.

Some of their leaves had turned yellow after I used an automatic plant feeder sprayer. The gadget seemed not to properly regulate the amount of fertilizer delivered so from now on I will apply fertilizer manually. I hope they survive.

I also bought my first Plumeria plant this year. I’ve been wanting one for a long time but the thought of it not surviving my zone 6 environment had prevented me from ordering a cutting. It arrived looking hopeless, nothing but a wilted plant limb with small brown wilted leaves but today, it is looking better and it has few healthy looking leaves growing

I also planted Taro plant …

….yes, you guessed it lol! It is planted in a baby’s bassinet! What I liked about planting it in the bassinet is that, the bassinet has a draining hole at the bottom which I can choose to open or close. Taro plant tolerates soggy soil so judging by the way it looks, it seems to be liking it.

I can go on and on about individual plants in my garden but let me just show them to you. Thank you for reading this post and may your Garden offer you blissful day everyday!

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