Condo Living

10 years ago I could not imagine myself living in a Condo. Just the thought of it makes me feel enclosed but the time comes when my husband and I decided that condo living is the best option for us to meet our needs. We are both in our 60’s and the demand of maintaining a yard became too much of a challenge. I thought that I would miss the open space surrounding our dwelling once we move to a Condo but to my surprise, I don’t miss that at all. Not that I did not love the home we sold in order to obtain the one we have now. It was a wonderful place.

It’s been four years since we decided to move in the condo unit we are living now and we are so glad we have made that decision. I can still enjoy my hobby of gardening but in a very much scaled down version of my gardening before. A small space to garden takes all the available energy I have so this place is fitted to my needs.

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