Pine Nut (CROCHET Stitch) Scarf

Video Tutorial Available by clicking this link:

Tools And Materials:

Caron Simply Soft Yarn, weight category 4 or other yarn of the same weight category.

Crochet Hook:  Boye: 4.25mm to 5.00mm
Yarn or Tapestry Needle (to use for weaving in ends of yarn)

Gauge: 8 dc stitches = 2 inches; 4 dc rows = 2 inches (I’m using 4.25mm crochet hook and I LOVE THIS COTTON yarn, Weight category 3), The table below is based on this data.

The Scarf is 10 inches wide.

Estimated Number of RepeatsEstimated Length Of ScarfEstimated Number Of Yards Required
2040 inches341 yards
3060 inches511 yards
3570 inches596 yards
Number of repeats refers to how many times rows 2 through 5 is repeated to meet the length of the scarfNote:  Add 5 or more yards to the estimated number of yards required.


R = row

Ch = Chain

Dc = double crochet

Slst = slip stitch

Sp = space

St = stitch

Sts = Stitches

Dcs = double crochets

Set = Group of stitches next to each other and may be separated by different stitch.

[ ] = Do the instructions as many times as indicated by the number that follows the symbol.

X = times

Turning Chain (Beginning Chain of each row) = The very first stitch or stitches made at the start of the row.

The Pattern:

Ch 43.

R1:  Dc on 5th ch from hook and count this as 1 dc and 1 ch-1 sp. [*Dc on next st] 5x. NOTE: 1 group (set) MADE UP OF 5 DCs IS MADE.
Ch3, skip 3 sts.*   Repeat * * until there are 5 sets of  5-dcs, finish row with ch1, skip 1 st; dc on next st,   Note:  There are 4 ch-3 spaces between sets of 5dcs and 1 ch-1 on each side of the completed row.  Turn.

R2:  Ch3,  dc on next ch-1 sp.  * Ch1,  skip 1 dc, [dc on next dc] 3x; ch1; skip 1 dc,  3dcs on next ch-3 space. *  Repeat * * across. After the last set of 3dcs, finish this row with ch1, skip 1 dc, dc on next ch-1 sp; dc on 2nd ch of ch2 (turning chain) .  Turn.

R3: Ch2, dc on next dc, [Note: Beginning crocheters, please see note 1 below], dc on ch-1 sp; *ch3, skip next 3dcs, dc on next ch-1 sp; [dc on next dc] 3x, dc on next ch-1 sp. *   Repeat * * across. After the last ch3,  dc on next ch-1 sp, dc on next dc, dc on 2nd ch of turning chain.  Note:  There are 4 sets of 5 dcs; 5 sets ch-3 spaces and 3 dc(s) on each side (edge) of this row.  Turn.

R4: Ch2, dc next dc. *Ch1, 3dcs on next ch-3 sp. Ch1, skip 1 dc, [dc on next dc] 3x, * Repeat * * across.  After the last set of 3 dc(s) of this row, ch1, skip 1 dc, dc on next dc, dc on  2nd ch of turning ch.  Note: There are 9 groups (sets) of 3 dcs and 10 ch-1 spaces between sets of 3 dcs when this row is completed. Turn.

R5: Ch3, *dc on next ch-1 sp, [dc on next dc] 3x; dc on next ch-1 sp, ch3.* REPEAT * * across. After the last set of 5 dcs, finish this row with Ch1, skip 1 dc; dc on 2nd ch of turning chain. Note: There are 5 sets of 5dcs and 4 sets of ch-3 stitches. Turn.

Repeat  R2 to R5 over and over until desired length is met. Fasten off and weave in yarn ends.


  1. When working on rows of stitches, The next stitch after the turning ch (ch2) is not the stitch to which the turning ch is attached but the one next to it so it appears like you are skipping a stitch but this is not a skip, it just appears like that.

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