Rainy Day Rose Afghan

Let’s get rid of our left-over yarn and make something beautiful out of them!  Crochet along with me in making this afghan of different colored roses!  Good Luck to you and me and Happy crocheting with the hope of finishing this afghan by the end of this year!


Tools  And Materials:  Left over yarn,  Red Heart, medium wt., category 4;  crochet hook, 4.25 mm; yarn needle; small scissors.

Note:  When making a slip knot to begin crochet, leave at least 7 to 8 inch yarn tail so that this can be woven inside the stitches afterwards.

Ch4.  Sc on 4th ch from hook to form ring.

Rose Flower

Round 1:   (Ch1, 3dc -ch1- sc – over ring) 4x.  Note: 4 rose petals made.

Round 2:  Ch1, *insert hook at back of next rose petal between 1st and 2nd dc, [fold petal wrong side up so that hook is under the foundation ring, yo and pull up this yo on wrong side or back of the petal], make a (B)sc on the foundation ring.  Note: (B)sc = means beginning sc or first sc made on current round.  * Ch5, insert hook at back of next rose petal between 1st and 2nd dc, [fold petal wrong side up so that hook is under the foundation ring, yo and pull up this yo on wrong side or back of the petal ], sc on the foundation ring*.  Repeat * *  until there are total of three ch-5 loops,  ch5, sc on beginning sc or (B)sc.   Total of 4 ch-5 loops made.

[ ] = means fold petal wrong side up, yo and pull up this yo on wrong side or back of the petal.

Round 3:  (B)sc on next ch-5 loop, ch1-6dc-ch1-sc on same ch-5 loop.  *sc-ch1-6dc-ch1-sc on next ch-5 loop.*. Repeat * *  two more times.  Total of 4 rose petals.

Round 4:  Ch2,  insert hook at back of next rose petal between 1st and 2nd dc, [ ], make (B)sc; ch4, insert hook at back of same rose petal between 5th and 6th dc [ ], sc on same petal. *Ch4, insert hook at back of next rose petal between 1st and 2nd dc, [ ], make a sc; ch4, insert hook at back of same rose petal between 5th and 6th dc, [ ], sc on same petal.* repeat * * twice. Ch4,  sl st on (B)sc.  Total ch4 loop this row = 8.

Round 5:  *Sc-ch1-5dc-ch1-sc on next ch-4 loop * Repeat * *around.   Total Rose petals = 8.


Round 6:  Insert hook at back of next rose petal between 2nd and 3rd dc, [ ], make a (B)sc, *ch6,  insert hook at back of next rose petal between 2nd and 3rd dc, [ ], make a sc.*  Repeat * * until there are 7 ch-6 loops.  Ch6, sc on (B) sc.

Total of 8 ch-6 loops.  Fasten off leaving a 7 to 8 inch tail.   Note:  The tail will be woven within the dense stitches of rose petals with use of yarn needle.

Rose Leaves:  Use any shade of Green colored yarn or any color you prefer.

Round 7:  Attach new yarn next to a sc at beginning of any ch- 6 loop.  Crochet over the tail of yarn as you make the stitches. (B)sc-Ch1- 4dc- ch3- 4dc-ch1-sc on this ch-6 loop where new yarn is attached.  Note: 1 corner leaf made.  From now on LEAF = sc- ch1-4dc-ch3-4dc-ch1-sc.  * Ch5-sc on next ch-6 loop.  Ch5- leaf on next ch-6 loop*.  Repeat * * until completing the 4th leaf.  Ch5-sc on next ch-6 loop, ch5, sl st on (B) sc.

Round 8:  Slst on next 2 sts, *ch3, sc on next ch-3 corner loop, ch5, sc on same loop,  note:  first corner loop of this round is made.  Ch3, skip 2 dc sts, sc on next st, (ch3, sc on next ch-5 loop) twice;  ch3, sc on st between 1st and 2nd dc counting from right to left. * Note:  Always count from left to right unless stated otherwise. Repeat * *  around until 4th ch-5 corner loop is completed.   Ch3, skip 2 dc sts, sc on next st,(Ch3, sc on next ch-5 loop) twice, ch3, slst on 2nd sl st.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Note:  First block of Rainy Day Rose motif is finished.  Second and subsequent blocks will be worked from Round 1 to Round 7 and  on round 8, the next block will be joined to the previous block.  This method is called “join-as-you-go”. Where a block just made is attached to previous block/blocks on last round before fastening off and starting another block.








Crocheted Tunic

Cold Weather is here and it’s time to make something to keep us warm.  Let’s get our knitting needles, crochet hook etc. and any unfinished projects out and start working on them.  Visit a craft or yarn shop to get inspired or browse craft sites for ideas on what to make.  There is an abundance of information (diy) online which makes it easy to learn making new things.

This tunic started out as a scarf and I decided to turn it into a vest first then I found more gray yarn that had been lying around unused so I decided to make a tunic instead.  It turned out good.  I hope to write the pattern at some point.  Hopefully soon, but I’d rather create than write.




How To Make A Short Blouse Longer

I have this blouse that I like so well, but  I wish that it is longer, so I decided to add a lace trimming at the hem.  See photo below.


I found a lace fabric at Walmart and decided to use the scallop selvedge as the new hem.


Like this.  See photo below.


Step 1:  Measure  the width of the hem.  Divide this measurement in half this should give the the length (yardage) of fabric.  Note:  There will be lots of extra fabric since only portion from selvedge is to be used.  Remember that the fabric comes folded.  If the blouse is stretchy, add 3 to 4 inches to the yardage to allow for the stretch.

Step 2:  The lace fabric being folded,  match the scallop at each eadge together evenly using a straight pin to hold the fabric together, placing the pins all through the selvedge.


Step 3:  Decide the length you want to add to the hem. Measure from the widest part of the scallop and mark the length with a straight pin, repeat this through out the selvedge.2F8DC87D-AB3E-4393-A096-4ACB6EAC3F12.jpeg

Step 4:  Cut 1/2 inch away from marked area straight accross the selvedge.



Step 5:  Sew the side seam of the lace fabric, right side together, using matching thread.



Step 6:  turn the blouse hem wrong side up; lay the raw edge of the lace, wrong side up also over the hem and pin. Keep pinning blouse hem and lace together at about 3 inch interval all around.


Step 7:  Leave 1 inch unsewn from end of the lace; use zigzag stitch to sew the lace onto the turned hem of the blouse.


Step 8:  Leave 1 inch unsewn at the other end of the lace also.  Put machine needle and presser foot up and remove work from sewing machine.  Pin each unsewn end onto the blouse hem.  Mark the area where the two lace ends met with a pin, this is the start of the side seam of the lace.  Remove the previous pins after marking the side seam.   Align and pin together the two unsewn ends of the lace starting at the marked place, down to the scallop  hem.  See step 5.  Cut away excess fabric leaving 1/4 seam allowance.

Step 9:  Lay the lace over the blouse hem and continue to sew the unfinished gap overlapping half an inch on previous stitch and ending in a half inch overlap also.



Enjoy the refashioned Blouse!

Crochet UFO Invaders!

In Knitting or Crochet linggo, UFO refers to unfinished object.  Most corners of my room hide a UFO or group of them.  Hiding in traveling cases, shopping bags, plastic boxes etcetera.  They come in different shape: rectangle, circle, hexagon and also in different colors.   It’s time to get rid of them one by one and the only way to get rid of them is to develop the guts to finish them off completely or unravel them to make a different project.  It’s almost putting oneself on a mission to kill malevolent invaders whom you encounter sporadically in an unexpected moment, such as when you are cleaning the house or you are looking for certain items.  I’m sure some of my craft peers have encountered this kind of problem and if you have not,  I very much admire you and send you my sincere CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m on a mission to finish this round UFO that had been hiding in my closet for almost 10 years!  It is a yarn version of a thread doily.  My primary purpose was to make this as a round table cloth.C821F7E2-72D0-434F-9265-53B55FD52BD8.jpegIt will take a few more patience, will power and few weeks to bring it to completion.

Wishing myself Good Luck!

Pork Stuffed Bitter Melon


I remember a vietnamese friend of mine who made a pork stuffed Bitter Melon Soup.  I love the taste of that soup so I have the craving to make some, specially that my Bitter Melon plant had produced enough fruits due for harvesting.

Warning:   If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, or breast feeding, please, please don’t consume this fruit.  For those who have never eaten this fruit before, just be cautious and or totally avoid it. Negative reaction upon ingestion had been cited in some articles that I read here in the U.S.

The fruits and leaves of Bitter Melon are commonly eaten in most Asian countries.  It is shuned or feared in the U.S. due to inconclusive research done by a lot of pharmaceutical companies.  The possible inconclusive benefits such as anticancer, antidiabetic, antiparasitic effect etc. are overshadowed by the plant’s abortifacient and other teratogenic effects.  It is ironic that countries whose populations eat the fruit or other part of the plants  produce more children.

Ingredients I used

Meat Stuffing

1/4 tsp basil

1/4tsp parsley

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp garlic – minced

!/4 cup onion – diced fine.

1 oz rice Vermicilli – soaked for 10 minutes then cut in 2 to 3-inch long strands.

1/8 tsp salt or more if more fluid is added.

1 oz black olive – sliced and drained

1 egg

1/4 lb ground pork or chicken

1 large bitter melon or 2 to 3 small ones.



2 cups water

1 cup chicken broth or chicken bone broth

Green onions – chopped.


Slit Bitter Melon lengthwise without cutting the middle part of the other side of the melon.  Cut a 1 inch slit at both ends of the other side just enough to pry open the melon. Remove the pulp and seeds with the use of teaspoon or its end.  Set aside.  Beat the egg until eggwhite and eggyolk are well blended.  Set aside.  On a medium size

Place the meat in small mixing bowl and sprinkle it with one of the spices.  Using your hand, mix the spice into the meat thoroughly.   Repeat the same process for each remaining seasoning or spice until all of them are used.

Add the drained Vermicille noodle, black olive, salt  and egg to the mixture.  Mix thoroughly.  Stuff the mixture inside the Bitter Melon.  Do not pack the stuffing mixture too full inside the bitter melon as the rice vermiccilli will expand.  Use a cooking cotton cord to tie and close the bittermelon shut at both ends and middle.

If there is extra stuffing, shape them into balls and add to the soup

Making The Soup

Place the stuffed Bitter Melon in a  kettle big enough to accomodate all ingedients.  Add the  2 cups water and the 1 cup chicken broth.  Place the Kettle on stove top and turn heat on high setting.  Cover the kettle until liquid start to boil.  Let lid vent so fluid will not overflow.  Cook until bitter melon and meat are done about 45 mins.

When meat and Bitter Melon are well done, add the green onions and turn off the heat.  Cover completely for 10 mins to cook the green onions.  If a big Bitter Melon is used in the recipe, cut it across in 3 to 4 serving portions.  Serve warm.

The soup is good for 3 to 4 people.