Crochet UFO Invaders!

In Knitting or Crochet linggo, UFO refers to unfinished object.  Most corners of my room hide a UFO or group of them.  Hiding in traveling cases, shopping bags, plastic boxes etcetera.  They come in different shape: rectangle, circle, hexagon and also in different colors.   It’s time to get rid of them one by one and the only way to get rid of them is to develop the guts to finish them off completely or unravel them to make a different project.  It’s almost putting oneself on a mission to kill malevolent invaders whom you encounter sporadically in an unexpected moment, such as when you are cleaning the house or you are looking for certain items.  I’m sure some of my craft peers have encountered this kind of problem and if you have not,  I very much admire you and send you my sincere CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m on a mission to finish this round UFO that had been hiding in my closet for almost 10 years!  It is a yarn version of a thread doily.  My primary purpose was to make this as a round table cloth.C821F7E2-72D0-434F-9265-53B55FD52BD8.jpegIt will take a few more patience, will power and few weeks to bring it to completion.

Wishing myself Good Luck!

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