Crocheted Table Cloth

The way to handle crocheted table cloth is different from the way we handle table cloths made out of woven fabrics. Why? Crocheted table cloths are usually made out of fine thread usually cotton crochet thread #10. The recent table cloths that I have made are made up of size #3 cotton crochet thread. The finished crocheted table cloth is a lot heavier than a fabric table cloth of the same size. This weight of crocheted table cloth causes strain on stitches during handling, this is the reason why careful handling without too much tugging or pulling is necessary to prevent breakage of an individual stitch.

Some crochet thread are tightly winded or twisted and this is good. The tighter the twist, the stronger the strand of thread but unfortunately a lot of crochet thread are not twisted tightly and they easily break when strands making up the thread is separated. This is another reason why careful handling of the finished crocheted table cloth is necessary.

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